Freelancing Solutions

Market Place

Market Place for creative professionals

Freelancing Solutions allows Website Development Professionals, Software Programmers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Professionals, and Graphic Designers to promote and sell their services online in our market place.

Submitting Services to our market place

As a service provider you can submit your service to freelancing solutions market place, set your price and payment options, then seat back and watch while our clients starts buying your services

If you are providing downloadable service or product then your clients will be able to download your product or service directly from our market place without any further action from you however if you must provide further actions or services to your clients then you must login to the system in order for you to complete the service or product order, once this is done then your payment will be released provided your client is satisfied.

Placing Service or Product orders in our Market Place

In order for you to be able to buy a service or product in our market place you need to Top-Up your account in freelancing solutions, that is deposit funds into your account in Freelancing Solutions, but if your account already has funds from previous transactions you can make use of those funds to purchase services or products in freelancing solutions

Freelancing Solutions App enables users to find Jobs Online.